Boca Loca Restaurant Design


Boca Loca is “a Cantina and Taco Factory” based in TN. They were after an identity that had an underground, yet day of the dead/approachable feel to it. To convey this in the logo, we went with uppercase type and rounded edges in both the typeface and the icon. The poster followed suit, with its range of fun fonts, and the use of playful icons.

More Details

Boca Loca knows the importance of branding and needed to find a way to capture their essence and express it through their own brand. Pherona took on this challenge and after many questions was able to create the brand you see today. From Logo to Menu to Shirts to Website their results were met.

Today you can visit and experience the “Bad Ass” mentality Boca Loca provides to all their patrons.

Project Features

  • Logo and branding design
  • Responsive website design
  • Uniform and t-shirt design
  • Promotional print pieces
  • Interior mural design and exterior design
    Landing pages and social media design