About Us

At Pherona, we build successful brands and we have fun doing it!

Located in Orlando, FL, Pherona Studios is an industry leader in design and development services. We avoid using marketing speech and trendy business jargon just to impress our clients. We want you to understand exactly what is going on with your project - from start to finish, and by utilizing simple communications combined with fresh ideas, and our good business sense, we have excelled as a web design company.

We love what we do, and judging from our clients' return on investment, we're very good at it.

Carlos Keeling CEO / AKA Bad Mofo

Carlos, the Bad Mofo who founded Pherona in 2000 had a vision - a vision to provide high quality design for a quality and affordable price. Over the years, Pherona has grown into a solid agency and is now in another expansion phase. Carlos' hard work and persistence has paid off and now Pherona is making their flawless design services scalable for multiple companies to benefit from. When Carlos is not hustling for Pherona, he enjoys spending quality time with his daughter, Isabella, and kicking ass in his basketball league. He's a bad Mofo - just saying.

Steven Ruddy Senior Art Director

Steve Ruddy is a product of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Florida. He has flourished from a studio artist into one of the best graphic designers. He credits many mentors over the years who have contributed to his priceless creativity and success as a senior art director. Steven's unique talent does more than just design a pretty site. He thinks with the mindset of the consumer and the owner while designing - making sure that the final project is something beyond expectations and up to his high set of standards. This mindset produces a very intimate accurate portrayal of the clients company - something so many designers lack the ability to do.

We don't want to change your brand with our design skills. We want to accentuate and optimize your success with our design skills.


Our Clients

Here are a few of our awesome clients